Anteroom (Custom)
Area Area One
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghosts; Purple Punchers
Boo Bootha
Floor Second floor
Blackout ghosts Gold Ghosts; Purple Punchers

The Anteroom (Japanese: 控え室 Waiting Room) is the second room that Luigi explores, not counting the Foyer, in Luigi's Mansion. It is located in the first area, on the second floor.


The Anteroom resembles a thin hallway and is where Luigi first encounters Purple Punchers. The place is not much of a problem.


After Luigi stepped into the Anteroom from the Parlor, the doors became sealed with force fields to trap the green plumber inside the room. He was then attacked by a few Gold Ghosts. After defeating these ghouls, Luigi was attacked by a few Purple Punchers, who proved to be much more powerful than their weaker cousins, with 20 HP. However, the non-cowardly plumber attempted to suck them up. When all the ghosts were defeated, the force fields deactivated and Luigi continued his journey into the Wardrobe Room.

200px-LM PurplePuncher-1-

A Purple puncher attacking Luigi

Ghosts in The Anteroom

  • 3 Gold Ghosts
  • 2 Purple Punchers (aka Pink Puncher in Japan)


The Anteroom is probably the blandest room in the game, having nothing but vases on tables inside. It also has chandeliers above the floor. Besides that, the Anteroom has no other distinct features. It is the only room in Area 1 with very few things to check.

The Anteroom only has coins, a golden bar, and dollar bills.

Treasure Locations

Vase on Table near Wardrobe Room

  • One Golden Bar

Vase on Table in the Center of the Room

  • X Golden Coins
  • X G Dollar Bills

Chandelier near Parlor

  • X Golden Coins

Chandelier near Wardrobe Room

  • X G Dollar Bills