Astral Hall
2px-Astral Hall
Area Area Three
Normal Ghosts Shy Guy Ghosts; Gold Ghosts; White Grabbing Ghosts
Boo Boonswoggle

The Astral Hall (Japanese: 回想の部屋 Room of Reminiscence) is one of the many rooms appear in Luigi's Mansion. It can be found by Luigi in the third area.


When Luigi opened the unlocked door to the Astral Hall, he found no ghosts. Perplexed, yet relieved, the ghost hunter went through the door on the other side to emerge in the Astral Hall. It seems the room looped back on itself. It was then Luigi noticed several candles in the center of the room. Using his Fire Element, the green-clothed ghost hunter lit the candles. When all had been lit, the flames turned purple and the doors sealed. Shy Ghosts appeared and started to attack Luigi. Ultimately, the plumber was the victor, and the lights came on and the doors were unsealed.

The Astral Hall contains two drawers on either side of the room. In the center are five candelabra, which need to be lit. If Luigi leaves the room after clearing it, the candles will be lit, but extinguishing them is impossible, even with the Water Element. A large crystal chandelier hangs in the middle of the candles.

Astral Hall in the PAL Hidden Mansion

The Astral Hall is quite a bit more difficult. The ghosts attack in waves, and you should not start the event unless you have high HP. The first wave consists of four Garbage Can Ghosts. While not hard to bag, the banana peels they drop can get annoying. The second wave consists of four Grabbing Ghosts, two white and two red. Suck the red ones up first as they can do damage and are more dangerous. The white ones are merely annoying and easily dispatched. The last wave can be very tricky. It has three Gold Ghosts and, strangely, two Skeleton Ghosts. Using the fire element on the weaker ghosts here can save you from massive damage. When you defeat these last ghosts, the lights will turn on at last.

Ghosts in Astral Hall during the blackout


  • There is an unused sound file from the beta called, that would possibly play in the Astral Hall, The Fortune-Teller's Room, or the Observatory. The purpose is unknown.