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The Basher, as seen on an early version of the Luigi's Mansion official website.


A SpaceWorld 2001 screenshot of a Basher scaring Luigi.

The Basher is an unused ghost in Luigi's Mansion and was removed for an unknown reason. It only appeared in the beta and Spaceworld versions of the game.


Bashers used the same model as the beta Gold Ghost, Like the original model, their eyes are positioned very closely to each other, and their teeth have fangs and have the bottom portion. Their colors are purple, a reddish-magenta, and a blue-purple mix.

Attack Method

A Basher would sneak up behind Luigi, invisible until close enough. Once then, a puff of blue smoke will appear, soon followed by the ghost. Text saying, "BAHHHHH" would appear, causing Luigi to scream, crawl backwards uncontrollably, and have his health cut to 50 HP. After a few seconds his HP counter would come back to the HP that he had before taking damage. The Game Boy Horror's purpose at the time of this ghost's development seems to have been for this specific ghost, as it would indicate when a Basher was nearby in the same way it detects Boos in the final game. In order to capture a Basher, Luigi would have to wait until the Gameboy Horror flashed red and then stun the ghost with his flashlight as soon as it appeared. The Basher only has 5 HP, suggesting he was going to be a Hallway Ghost like the Bowling Ghosts and Ceiling Surprises.

Cut Animations

The Basher may have used multiple animations that are still in the Gold Ghost's folder, but go unused.

Appear Kiryu Odokasu2 Sippai
LM-GoldGhost Appear
LM-GoldGhost Kiryu
LM-GoldGhost Odokasu2
LM-GoldGhost Sippai
Appear is an unused appearing animation

it was used in the EnFrighten attack.

Kiryu would have been seen in one

animation frame when the Basher

has been hit by a flashlight

Odokasu2 is the Basher's scaring


Sippai would have been used when the basher fails to scare Luigi.


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  • The Basher would seemingly be replaced by the Ceiling Surprise and Purple Bomber in the final game.
  • The Basher is most likely the ghost that inspired the Sneaker from Luigi's Mansion 2, as they both have the same basic function-- scaring Luigi, except the sneaker does not hurt him in the process.
  • The Basher's attack is presumingly called EnFrighten, which is only mentioned in the game's .dol file inside of game/game_(region).szp. The file itself does not exist in the .szp file's parameters.
    • Although the Basher is the only ghost that ever used it, all the other types of ghosts (Such as the Gold Ghost, Purple Puncher, and Blue Twirler) Also have their own forms of this animation in their files. This could suggest that the animation was used for either the ghosts spawning or they would use EnFrighten, but was cut from the game.
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