“Look at this buffness! I'm huge! How'd you like to be my punching bag, weakling?”
Biff Atlas, Luigi's Mansion

Biff Atlas
Biff Atlas
Full Name Biff Atlas, the Bodybuilder
Age 26
Biography This kind body builder loves muscles and lilies. Why lilies? They symbolize purity.
Room Rec Room
Life 100

Biff Atlas, the Bodybuilder (Japanese: マッディー Maddī), is one of the many ghosts featured in Luigi's Mansion.

Biff is actually a pretty nice guy when not provoked and will simply ignore Luigi if he enters the Rec Room, where Biff resides lifting a barbell, and Luigi can do likewise. Biff also likes lilies because "they symbolize purity". Biff is also one of the five optional gallery ghosts in Luigi's Mansion. He seems to have weight-lifted himself to death.

In order to provoke Biff into attacking him, Luigi must smack one of the three nearby punching bags, avoiding its backswing, before it hits him. If aimed correctly, it hits Biff and cause him to come at Luigi swinging his fists in a furious rage. One punch from the bodybuilder and the green plumber loses a whopping twenty HP. One hit with a punching bag still doesn't expose Biff's heart, so Luigi must pound Biff two more times with any punching bag. Before the third hit, he gets even angrier and starts whirling his arms like a runaway windmill. If Luigi smacked a bag but misses, he'll have to avoid both it and Atlas. After taking the hits, Biff got knocked out and vulnerable to Luigi's attack. Unfortunately this attack wakes Biff up and causes him to pull against the Poltergust 3000. If Luigi fails to catch him on the first go Biff will return to weightlifting and Luigi must hit him with one more punching bag to resume capturing him.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning


SpanishBorja, El CulturistaBorja, The bodybuilder
FrenchBob Atlas, Le CulturisteBob Atlas, The bodybuilder
GermanMister Astral-Universum
ItalianBig Tozzo





  • His first name is a pun on "biff", slang meaning to hit.
  • His last name is based on Atlas, a titan from Greek Mythology who was punished by Zeus to hold up the Sky.
  • A bust of Biff Atlas can be found in the The Artist's Studio.
  • His last name may also be a reference to Charles Atlas, another bodybuilder who ran an exercise program which was advertised in old comic books.
  • The way to defeat him is similar to Slim Bankshot, as they both require being hit three times to expose their heart, but if not caught after one suction, only need to be hit once.
  • His biography says that he is 'kind', but the way he talks to Luigi if Luigi checks his heart is not very kind at all. It would not make sense if he is supposedly kind merely because he does not attack Luigi unless Luigi attacks him first, as most of the Portrait Ghosts leave Luigi alone unless Luigi attacks them or otherwise upsets them by doing something that they do not like. Conversely, Biff's supposedly harsh comments may simply be playful banter, or unintentional aggression brought on by steroids.
  • He and Melody Pianissima share some similarities. They both have blonde hair and are both 26 years old.