Billiards Room
2px-Billiards Room
Area Area Three
Normal Ghosts Speedy Spirit
Portrait Ghosts Slim Bankshot
Boo Boohoo

The Billiards Room (Japanese: 娯楽室 Recreation Room) is a room found by Luigi in the third area of Luigi's Mansion.


In this room the Lonely Poolshark, Slim Bankshot was found. Slim was rather content to play billiards by himself. But the real danger to Luigi came when he hit the balls. With every shot, all three balls would go flying off the table, ignoring the laws of gravity, and bouncing off the walls. Luigi managed to suck one up and shoot it at Slim. Repeating this process two more times, the amateur ghost-hunter managed to capture the pool-playing spirit inside his Poltergust 3000. The room was bathed in light, and Luigi received a green treasure chest with many treasures, including a valuable Silver Diamond.

The Billiards Room's main point of interest is obviously the pool table. However, a dartboard, a chess set, and two small drawers are also present. This room is also one of only two rooms with a ceiling fan, the other being the Master Bedroom.

There is a Speedy Spirit in the chair at the southeast corner of the room which will drop a few treasures including a gem.

Ghosts in the Billiards Room

Ghosts in The Billiards Room during the blackout


  • In the beta version, there was originally going to be a door leading from the Dining Room to the Billiards Room in the South-Eastern side of the room. Like other beta doors, it was blocked by wooden boards.