Bogmire (right), the Cemetery Shadow, along with a Black Bogmire.

A Black Bogmire (alternatively referred to as a Bogmire Shadow or Bogmire Clone) is a weak "clone" of the actual Bogmire, found in the game Luigi's Mansion. They were meant to attack Luigi, but Luigi could use the ghoul as a projectile to defeat Bogmire. Luigi could suck up a Black Bogmire with his Poltergust 3000, which would get stuck as a ball on its nozzle. Luigi could then aim and blast it at the true fiend to make the ghost vulnerable. Unfortunately, Luigi had to watch out for other Black Bogmires when trying to capture the real Bogmire with the Poltergust. They come in two sizes. Small Black Bogmires are about as big as Luigi, whereas large ones are nearly twice his size. The smaller ones are easier to capture, but the larger ones do a better job of weakening Bogmire, thereby allowing Luigi to deplete more of the ghost's health.


  • The Gold frame of Bogmire is a Bogmire Shadow. This could mean that Egadd instead captured a Bogmire Shadow for his gallery and Luigi managed to recapture the Shadow while the real Bogmire is at Evershade Valley and is not affected by the Dark Moon because he is not a resident there.
  • The black Bogmire is the only ghost that cannot get sucked into the poltergust, instead they get stuck on the nozzle