Blue Blaze

A Blue Blaze while is appearing in front of Luigi

Blue Blaze is a white-blue normal ghost encountered in Luigi's Mansion. They are a sub-species Blue Twirlers that have water protecting their thirty-HP hearts. They are normally found only in the Safari Room, and in the east wing of the mansions third floor, although one is encountered in the Tea Room during the blackout. The Blue Blaze has a massive earthquake attack that costs Luigi ten HP, as with its non-elemental counterpart. Ice is the key to a Blue Blaze's heart. Being weakened by ice, it completes the triangular Elemental Medal relationship also found with the Temper Terror and Flash. In the Safari Room, the Blue Blazes appear when Luigi shakes the middle deer head with the help of two Garbage Can Ghosts. In the Tea Room during the Blackout, a Blue Blaze appears in the center of the room.