Artwork of a Blue Twirler

Blue Twirlers are slow-moving normal ghosts that Luigi encountered in the game. They are one of the largest and most powerful non-portrait ghosts found in the mansion. Blue Twirlers have over-sized fists that they use to make ground pounds, or earthquakes, that spread three feet and take ten HP if they hit Luigi. They have 30 HP each, which can be whittled down by suction or elements. The Blue twirler also makes an aperence in Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Power Tennis and in Super Smash Bros Brawl.


  • Oddly enough, their earthquake can hit Luigi even when he is walking on the ceiling.
  • Blue Twirlers originally were pink with a big nose.
  • The Player is not going to run into the Blue Twirler first, but instead it's counterpart, the Blue Blaze.
  • At first, a Blue Twirler will make a "Wooo!" noise in a high pitched tempo. after