Breaker Room
250px-Breaker Room
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Speedy Spirit; Blue Mice
Boo Boo B. Hatch

The Breaker Room (Japanese: 配電室 Breaker Room) is a room that can be found by Luigi in the fourth area of Luigi's Mansion.


The Breaker Room is accessible when Luigi reaches Area Two of the mansion, but serves no real purpose until after Luigi's battle with Boolossus. After Luigi defeats Boolossus he gains access to Area Four of the mansion when a lightning bolt strikes the mansion and causes a power outage which whips all the ghosts into a frenzy. E. Gadd suggests using the switch in the Breaker Room. Unfortunately the key to the room is in the possession of Uncle Grimmly, the Hermit of the Darkness. After tracking Grimmly to the Wardrobe Room, Luigi manages to defeat the feeble ghoul and unlock the Breaker Room door. Making a mad dash to avoid several ghosts Luigi manages to flip the switch on the generator and bathe the mansion's rooms in light once more.

The Breaker Room is medium sized and rather dreary. There are two oil drums and several barrels in the room not really holding much. There is also the aforementioned generator and a cloth covered table in which a Speedy Spirit is hiding in. The Speedy Spirit must be captured before the Blackout, however. This is the only room that is locked twice.


  • There is a mirror on the back wall, and will take you back to the Foyer