Clockwork Soldiers
Full Name Clockwork Soldiers, the Toy Platoon
Age Unknown
Room Clockwork Room
Life 100 x 3

“Stop looking at meeee!”
Clockwork Soldier, Luigi's Mansion

The Clockwork Soldiers, the Toy Platoon (Japanese: パペット・アーミー Puppet Army) are a green, blue, and pink trio of Portrait Ghosts that appear in Luigi's Mansion.

The Clockwork Soldiers are found in the Clockwork Room on the third floor of the mansion. The green-capped plumber found the Soldiers immobile. If Luigi starts the three clocks in the room, they awaken and begin attacking with toy cork guns. As they moved around, Luigi captured each in a hard struggle by sucking their wind-up keys with his Poltergust. After a messy affair, the playhouse's doors opened, granting access to the Roof.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
SpanishLa guardia de los relojesWatch watches
FrenchLes Soldats MécaniquesTheir names are names of children toys
GermanAufziehsoldatenThey are meant to be some kind of

windup toy


  • In the credits, it should be noted that one of the ending pictures shows Luigi sucking up the blue Clockwork Soldier last, hinting that doing so in the game itself could be useful. Although this could merely not be showing the other two and merely using the blue one at random, and even if it was trying to hint this, it would be too late, as the player would already have completed the game without having known this if he was seeing the credits.
  • The Clockwork Soldiers are the only ghosts in the entire game who possess legs.
  • The Clockwork Soldiers, along with Henry and Orville, are the only ghosts in the game that are fought in a group, excluding the Floating Whirlindas, since they are both vacuumed up at once.
  • Altogether, the Clockwork Soldiers have 300 HP, making them have the second highest HP (as a portrait ghost) in the game, excluding King Boo.
  • The Clockwork Soldiers, along with Madame Clairvoya and The Floating Whirlindas, are the only human-esque ghosts that have an unknown age in Luigi's Mansion.
  • One could consider it odd that the Clockwork Soldiers are ghosts, since they are toys and toys can't die, therefore shouldn't have souls.
  • The Clockwork Soldiers are the only Portrait Ghosts in the game that are three ghosts, as opposed to (ironically) two Portrait Ghosts that consist of two ghosts: The Floating Whirlindas (although these are fought as one ghost), and Henry and Orville.