Common Hall
Area Gloomy Manor
The Common Hall is an area that first appears in the Gloomy Manor of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and that was also playable during the Luigi's Mansion 2 E3 2011 Demo.


When first entering the room, Professor E. Gadd will call Luigi, after which he will come across two doors. The first door is the door to the Lab, the second is the Dining Room. However, it is locked, and the key can be found in the Lab. There is also a hidden door behind the wallpaper between the two doors on the left side of the hallway which leads to the Hidden Pocket. There is also a small tarantula enemy near the back of the hallway, who will drop a gold bar when defeated. There are also some Bills on the table next to the mirror.

Ghosts in the Common Hallway

Treasure in the Common Hallway