Dining Room
Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts Gold Mouse; Speedy Spirit; Waiter Ghosts
Portrait Ghosts Mr. Luggs
Boo Boodacious

The Dining Room (Japanese: 食堂 Dining Room) is one of the rooms encountered by Luigi in the second area of Luigi's Mansion.


To gain entry to the Dining Room, Luigi used the Key from the Conservatory. Once inside, Luigi noticed the floor littered with banana peels, which he quickly disposed of. Luigi then heard loud eating coming from the table in the middle of the room. Using his Game Boy Horror, Luigi discovered the fat and sloppy Mr. Luggs, gorging away at a plate of unidentified yellow slop. Luigi examined his heart, and found out that Mr. Luggs preferred being in the dark. Naturally, Luigi captured a Fire Elemental Ghost from one of the nearby torches and began to light the candles around the portly poltergeist, allowing Luigi to see him and his food. The wannabe ghost hunter decided that eliminating the source of the problem would be best for Mr. Luggs and proceeded to suck up his food with his trusty vacuum. Waiter Ghosts appeared with more, but Luigi dispatched them before they could get a chance. When Luigi had sucked up all of Mr. Luggs's food, the gorging ghost became infuriated and threw a fit, belching heartburn-fueled fireballs at the poor plumber. After a while of dodging, Mr. Luggs tired out, and Luigi proceeded to capture him. With the threat gone, the lights came on, and Luigi received a treasure chest with lots of money inside, including a Silver Diamond.


The Dining Room is a largely symmetrical room, with the long table in the center flanked by two china cabinets and two torches.


  • There is a Speedy Spirit hiding in the left china cabinet. Additionally, a cheese containing a Gold Mouse can be spotted under a chair next to Mr. Luggs.

Ghosts in The Dining Room

Ghosts in The Dining Room during the blackout