Fortune-Teller's Room
Area Area Three (first found by Luigi in Area Two)
Portrait Ghosts Madame Clairvoya
Boo Booigi

The Fortune-Teller's Room (Japanese: 占い部屋 Fortune-Telling Room) is a room first discovered by Luigi in the second area of Luigi's Mansion. However, it cannot be cleared until the third area.


When Luigi first entered the Fortune-Teller's Room, he found a lone crystal ball in the center of the room. It might be a magic pearl or something else. When he shined his flashlight on the crystal ball, the ghost Madame Clairvoya appeared. She explained to Luigi that she was a seer and could contact the spirits of someone's (namely: Mario's) dropped items. Luigi would need to find five of Mario's dropped items: his Hat, his Letter, his Star, his Glove, and his Shoe. Luigi did not have any of those items at the moment, so he lit the four candelabra in the room and received the Key to the Laundry Room from a high pillar.

After acquiring the five items, Luigi returned to Madame Clairvoya and handed them over, one by one, getting a reading from each one by the ghostly psychic.

The first item told Madame Clairvoya that Mario was simply alive.

The second item told her that Mario was being imprisoned in a painting in the Secret Altar.

The thirird item gave Luigi and Madame Clairvoya an image of King Boo, the one who captured Mario.

The fourth item told Madame Clairvoya of strange powers the Boos have when they are present in large numbers.

Finally, the last item saw Madame Clairvoya recoiling at an image of Bowser. She does not know what it means, but knows it must be horrible.

After reading all five items, Madame Clairvoya willingly exposes her heart and allows Luigi to suck her up into the Poltergust 3000 with no resistance at all. The room is brightened, and Luigi secures the Key to the Safari Room.

The Fortune-Teller's Room contains four candelabra, two of which are on high stands. The other two are resting on small drawers in the back of the room. There is also the high pillar where Luigi receives the Laundry Room Key. The main focus of the room is Madame Clairvoya's ornately decorated gold chair, along with her equally ornately decorated table, on which her crystal ball sits. Behind Madame Clairvoya's chair is a Gold Mouse - inducing piece of cheese, which, like other pieces of cheese, only appears when the room is darkened.

Ghosts in The Fortune-Teller's Room

Ghosts in the Fortune-Teller's Room during the blackout


  • There is an unused sound file from the beta called, that would possibly play in the Astral Hall, The Fortune-Teller's Room, or the Observatory. The purpose is unknown.