The artwork of the Garbage Can Ghost

The Garbage Can Ghost is one of the many ghosts found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion. Comparatively, they appear less than other ghosts however.


The Garbage Can Ghost is a large green ghost that despite it's intimidating appearance does not attack directly. Garbage Can Ghosts instead simply appear out of thin air, munch on a banana from the bunch it has (all Garbage Can Ghosts seem to have a banana bunch for some reason) and throw the peel on the ground, it will then disappear.

It's unknown if Garbage Can Ghosts want Luigi to slip on the peel or if it is just a litter bug, although it doesn't matter as the bananas are still dangerous. To make matters worse Garbage Can Ghosts are often paired with other phantoms such as Gold Ghosts and Purple Punchers, so while Luigi is busy sucking them up he could end up slipping on a peel. Garbage Can Ghosts have the highest HP of all non portrait ghosts at 40.

Garbage Can Ghosts appear in Mario Power Tennis along with some other varieties of Luigi's Mansion ghosts. They throw banana peels into the court, causing players to slip.



  • Garbage Can Ghosts appear to be a parody of Slimer from the Ghostbusters franchise.[1] Another Mario character based on Slimer is the Slime Ghost.
  • If Luigi slips on a peel and a ghost pops up at the same time, Luigi will automatically stand up and strangely, not slip on the banana peel.
  • The Garbage Can Ghost looks like a ripped trash bag (the top of the head being a knot and the bottom being the ripped garbage bag)


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