180px-LMGold Bar
Gold Bars are a type of treasure found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion, that are worth 100,000G(s) each. They can be found in almost any object or piece of furniture, after defeating an optional Portrait Ghost, or after lighting up an area. They may also be found in plants after being watered a specific amount of time. In the PAL version of the game in the Hidden Mansion, Speedy Spirits and Gold Mice drop more Gold Bars to increase the amount of money up to 192,390,000G(s) to get a newly ranked mansion.There are 61 Gold Bars in the whole mansion, totaling 6,100,000G(s) if all are obtained. They should be taken quickly, as most treasures in the mansion disappear in a short amount of time.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Gold bars return but their value has been tremendously decreased from 100,000G to just 20G. They are still plentiful and are also awarded in quantities of 1 or 3 when capturing a ghost with a level 2 or 3 A-pull meter charge.


A picture of a Gold Bar from Luigi's Game Boy Horror


  • If the player goes to the Sealed Room in the Hidden Mansion and uses their vacuum on the Trophy Cups, a Gold Bar will pop out of each of them.
  • Sometimes, Gold Bars can appear in dark rooms, such as when Lydia is still residing in the Master Bedroom.