In the Beta of Luigi's Mansion there were many unused items and ghosts, including unused Portrait Ghosts. There was lots of talk about the Safari Room Boss ghost that never made it into the final game and was only mentioned in Nintendo Power and on the internet, also there was never an in-game screenshot of the ghost. But there is very good proof that there was also an unused Portrait Ghost in the Kitchen, but this time there is a screenshot of the ghost (Shown on right)!


A screenshot of the supposed Kitchen Boss ghost


The ghost seems to be holding a tomato in his left hand and has a pinkish-red body with a chef's hat on its head. It should be noted the tomato the ghost is holding is still left in the games files as the unused model Tomato.szp. It's method of attacking Luigi was most likely throwing pots and pans at him, just like in the final game, only no boss ghost. It most likely had 50 HP like all the other portrait ghosts in the beta game.

Beta Kitchen

Semi-unrelated to the ghost, a beta version of the Kitchen can be seen. Differences between the beta and the modern version of the Kitchen include but are not limited to:

  • There is a door on the front of the Kitchen that is not seen in the final game. However, a False Door is placed where this door would've been in the 1F Hallway.
  • The door leading to the Boneyard is not on fire, suggesting the Water Element may not have been implemented at this stage in development.
  • There is no water coming out of the faucet, once again suggesting the Water Element may not have been implemented at this stage in development.
  • The Gameboy Horror and Element Meter aren't shown, once again suggesting the Water Element wasn't added yet, and also reinforcing this was taken in an early stage of development.
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