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Ghosts are undead enemies in Luigi's Mansion. During the adventures of finding Mario, Luigi found out that his mansion was full of ghosts! Professor E. Gadd gave Luigi the Poltergust 3000 which can suck up ghost in no time. All of these ghosts (excluding the Waiter) are vulnerable to elements. Here is a list of the ghosts, excluding Portrait Ghosts. For information about them, please see here.
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Luigi with some ghosts

The Ghosts

Gold Ghost

Main article: Gold Ghost

The Gold Ghost is the first ghost Luigi encounters during the gameplay. He first sees a "Gold Spirit" in the Foyer that resembles a Gold Ghost, then the spirit dropped a key that opens the path to the Parlor, the first room the player will enter (not counting the Foyer). It has 10 HP and is one of the weakest ghosts. Luigi has to watch out for its punch attack, as when damaged, he will receive 10 damage. Although, they are "Gold Ghosts", in reality, they are orange. Thus, they are vulnerable to elemental attacks.

Purple Puncher

Main article: Purple Puncher
Purple Punchers are the second ghosts Luigi encounters. They first appear in the Anter room with 20 HP for each Purple Puncher (they had 30 HP during beta but this was changed for unknown reasons). The punch attack of this ghost is very similar to the Gold Ghost's, except they have a longer range and that they attack earlier then the Gold Ghost. 10 HP is lost for each uppercut punch attack, so Luigi has to watch out.
Blue Twirler-1-

A Blue Twirler

Blue Twirler

Main Article: Blue Twirler

One of the largest non-portrait ghosts, the Blue Twirler deals 10 HP of damage to Luigi every time it pounds the ground, and has 30 HP. They have a rather large body (unlike the Garbage Can Ghosts) and possesses a blue color.

Garbage Can Ghost

Main article: Garbage Can Ghost

The Garbage Can Ghosts are the third species of ghosts. They have 40 HP and they don't have any attacks, though, they will throw bananas on the blacktop so that when Luigi steps on them, he will slip and will lose 5 HP. Their bodies resemble a trashcan (hence the name) and are a lime-green color.

Speedy Spirit

Main article: Speedy Spirit

Speedy Spirits are the first treasure ghosts encountered. They have similarities to a Gold Ghost. They have the same build, the same HP, and the same sound, however, its tactics are slightly different, they will run away from the player instead of trying to attack them. However, if one is sucked up, it drops a large amount of money consisting of bills, coins, and even certain gems. Note that if Luigi fails to capture one, it will disappear and will never come back (with the exception of the Blackout), so the player will have to reload the game if they want to capture it. The Speedy Spirit can reappear if the player exits the area and comes back if the player uncovers it and was unable to make an attempt to capture it.


Boos can be found after you let them out of the trap door which you find after catching the Floating Whirlindas. They only appear after a room has been completed and Luigi will have to have catch all of them to finally get onto King Boo. They have different amounts of HP, depending on where you find them. Ranging from 50 to 300 HP, they also have interesting names made from puns.

Grabbing Ghost

Grabbing Ghosts try to grab Luigi to stop him from moving, this is also how they damage him. The white variants are the only types of this ghost who cannot damage Luigi.


A golden mouse is like a speedy spirit but will come back if Luigi fails to get it. It can drop from coins, bills, gold bars, and gems.

Luigi's Mansion 2 Ghosts:


A Boo


Greenies are enemies in Luigi's Mansion 2, and are the equivalent of Gold Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion. There are also smart ones that wear pan helmets and sunglasses to protect themselves, but most don't.


Main Article: Slammer

Slammers are enemies in Luigi's Mansion 2, and are closest to the Garbage Can Ghost from Luigi's Mansion.