Luigi Art
Luigi, as he appears in Luigi's Mansion with a frightened look on his face.
Full Name Luigi, Luigi Mario (movie only)
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Mario (brother), E. Gadd (Aid), and Daisy ( girlfriend?)
Latest Portrayal Charles Martinet (1996-present)

Luigi is the protagonist of Luigi's Mansion and it's sequel, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. His main objective was to rescue his older twin brother, Mario, from the diabolical King Boo in the first game, and to restore the Dark Moon in the sequel.


Luigi is the brother of Mario, and a great hero. He can fight, but he's very scared of ghosts and the mansion (who wouldn't be?), he's also easily scared, but because of this nature he's often considered a frightened weakling. He is not though, as a truly frightened weakling would have fled or died.


Luigi won a mansion in a contest he didn't even enter. Traveling to the location of his newly won mansion he had encountered a much creepier one than he expected (well he probably didn't expect it to be creepy at all). Upon entering the mansion, Luigi ran into a ghost which caused him to fall to the ground and back away, he was then saved by Professor E. Gadd, an old man who studies Psychology and Ghostology. E. Gadd told him that he had return the escaped ghosts to their portraits and by doing so, he will save his brother. Luigi underwent some basic training in order to learn how to use the Poltergust 3000 in order to capture ghosts.

Luigi may be easily scared but he is a determined person and will do almost anything to rescue Mario from King Boo or any other person who would try to capture his brother.

He lives a simple, quiet life at the weekends, and wants to help Mario on his adventures during spare time.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi is sleeping in his chair in the beginning, when all of a sudden, his TV started going to static. Professor E.

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Artwork of Luigi in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Gadd appeared on his television, giving Luigi a jumpscare before being pixelated and sent to Evershade Valley to go on an adventure. Being the protagonist, Luigi faces all enemies in all mansions, rescues Toads, and recovers Dark Moon pieces while trying to rescue Mario.

King Boo had shattered the Dark Moon with his new purple crown (unlike the red one in the prequel) to release paranormal chaos in Evershade Valley and is stopped by Luigi.

Luigi, equipped with new gadgets such as the Dark-Light, Strobulb, Dual Scream (DS) and the upgraded Poltergust 5000. Luigi still scares easily at a lot of things that others might find cheesy or even dumb, including the Pixelator and the slightest jumpscare. The new ghosts scare him just as much as ever, but he is still determined to rescue Mario. He usuly has a frightened reaction to Boos, spiders, Evershade Valley Ghosts, and the Pixellator as well as the rest of the unfamiliar territory. He mumbles 'Hello?' every time he looks up a fireplace or the Player presses the arrow control pad.

He looks after the Toad curators in the game, and has the ability to fire them out of the Poltergust 5000, into walls or over (or into) bottomless pits, drops, or obstacles(poor toads). He lets them go through doors before he does (probably because their too short to get it themselves, and also because he is kind-hearted)and is not uncomfortable when a purple Toad hugs him after being rescued(who would be uncomfortable when their the only living thing around).

Luigi adventures through 5 mansions, each get harder with improved ghosts. During his adventures, the ghosts are recorded (the ones encountered) in 'E. Gadd's Vault' and gems are picked up along the way. Also don't forget the gold bones (worth 300 coins, if not used) that give you an extra life - so find 'em and keep 'em(or give 'em to the resurrection dog). 

The last mansion is the longest (in terms of missions), the fourth is the shortest (only four- including boss level) and the rest equal in levels. The other mansions have five levels and a boss level. In the case of the last, there are two boss levels. The Ambush Maneuver level (against Big Boo) and Stop the Nightmare (against the hardest and last possessor ghost).


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