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LM Mario
Mario from Luigi's Mansion.
Full Name Mario, Mario Mario (movie only)
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Luigi (brother)
Latest Portrayal Charles Martinet (1995-present)

“Hey Luigi! What's the holdup?!”
Mario, as he is heard from the outside the Bottom of the Well

Get me outta here

Mario trapped in his portrait.

Mario (typically known as Super Mario) is the tritagonist of Luigi's Mansion and the protagonist of his own games. He is Luigi's older, shorter overweight twin brother. He's normally a plumber, like Luigi, but is known more as a hero than a plumber. He was trapped by King Boo in a portrait because the power of the Boos combined overwhelmed him. You can find some of his items lying around the mansion, which include:

•His Hat (Found in the washroom)

•Letter saying "LOOK OUT FOR BOOS" (Found in the birdhouse in the courtyard)

•Star (Found on the moon of the observatory)

•Glove (Found in the projection room)

•Shoe (Found in a chest after defeating the twins)

When he heard that Luigi won a mansion, he asked Luigi to go for a celebration there, but was captured and had to be rescued. Mario was first seen in Area 3 through the Secret Altar in the Bottom of the Well. Luigi saw him, but was unable to reach him, because he was too big to go through the tiger statue. The Secret Altar is accessible in Area 4, but Luigi will need 40 (45 in the PAL Hidden Mansion) Boos to reach Mario.

After this, Luigi enters King Boo's room where Mario can be seen, but Mario can't be saved until after the final confrontation. Once King Boo is defeated, Mario faints in his painting and Luigi takes him to Professor E. Gadd to restore his brother. Mario then goes through the Ghost to Painting process in reverse, extracting him from his cage. Mario pops out of the machine, dizzy, as Luigi laughs tearfully that his beloved brother is okay.

Mario is yet again trapped in the game's sequel, Luigi's Mansion 2/Dark Moon, however this is not revealed until much later in the game. After Mario is saved at the end, he praises Luigi for his heroic acts and calls him number one.


  • If one is near the well in the Courtyard, Luigi can hear that Mario is yelling, "Hey Luigi! What's the holdup?!"
  • In the files of Luigi's Mansion, Mario has a speech icon that shows his head, it was going to be used for when Mario was going to talk, but since there was only one line of text for him in the game, Nintendo did not add it because it would be a waste of space. However, the unused speech icon was used in the 3DS remake.
  • Mario's artwork for Luigi's Mansion was taken directly from Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64.