Master Bedroom
Master bedroom
Area Area One
Portrait Ghosts Lydia
Boo Boolicious

The Master Bedroom (Japanese: 父母の部屋 Parents' Bedroom) is a room that can be found by Luigi in the first area of Luigi's Mansion.


When Luigi entered the Master Bedroom he was face-to-face with but a single ghost. Lydia was busy combing her hair by the vanity. Upon inspecting her heart, Luigi discovered how obsessed Lydia was with the appearance of her hair. Luigi used his trusty vacuum to draw open a curtain, letting a cold wind rush into the room. Fearing the wind might mess up her beautiful hair, Lydia got up to close the curtain. As she was distracted, Luigi quickly turned on the vacuum and sucked her in. Luigi received the Key to the Nursery and continued his quest to save Mario.

The Master Bedroom is noticeable in that it is one of only two rooms with a ceiling fan, the other being the Billiards Room. Also in the room are Lydia's vanity, a cabinet, a nightstand, a bed, and a plant Luigi can water for a Green Jewel later in the game. From the window one can see Toad on the Balcony.

Ghosts in The Master Bedroom

Ghosts in The Master Bedroom during the blackout


  • This ceiling fan, like the ceiling fan in the Billiards Room, can produce money if Luigi vacuums it for long enough.
  • In the beta, there were two beds and the room was called Bedroom 1.
  • In the beta, ghosts would appear (Gold Ghost, Purple Puncher, Basher, etc.) and Luigi would have to vacuum ten ghosts to make Lydia look back and become vulnerable.
  • Originally, the window was not broken it the beta.