Area Area Three
Normal Ghosts Meteor Ghost

The Observatory (Japanese: 幻想の部屋 Room of Illusion) is a room found by Luigi in the third area of Luigi's Mansion.


After successfully exiting the Astral Hall, Luigi founds himself in the Observatory. He notices an antique looking telescope in the room, and decides to look through it. Through the view, Luigi is able to see the Moon. After he has finished looking at the telescope, the walls in the room mysteriously fades away, allowing Luigi to step out on a small balcony. Small yellow Meteor Ghosts will be falling outside, and Luigi decides to suck one up and shoot it at the Moon. The Moon subsequently exploded and a winding, ephemeral bridge appeared, allowing Luigi to step out into space and retrieve Mario's Star, the third item he would need to take to Madame Clairvoya. After the Observatory walls vanished and Luigi got his brother's star, he notices that the telescope that he prevously looked through turned into a pile of crumbled wall, and will no longer be able to see into "space" when the room is already cleared.


  • If one looks at the Mansion map while Luigi is on the bridge or small planet, Luigi's head will be way off it to the east.
  • By using any Element, one can see that "space" does not extend forever. By shooting an Elemental Blast at the far wall, the blast will eventually hit the back wall.
  • Strangely, Luigi cannot fall off the bridge. If Luigi could fall off though, it might have made Luigi either die or land in another room.
  • Oddly enough Luigi doesn't need air to breathe in space.
  • There is an unused sound file from the beta called, that would possibly play in the Astral Hall, The Fortune-Teller's Room, or the Observatory. The purpose is unknown.
  • The telescope is the only real object found in the Observatory, apart from a small dresser with a globe on top near the door.