Area Gloomy Manor
Normal Ghosts Gold Greenie
The Patio is an outside "room" in the Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion 2. It leads to the Common Hall, the Kitchen, and Under the Stairs. The Balcony overlooks the Patio on the second floor.


The Patio partly consists of a deck, which has windows looking into the Kitchen (Gloomy Manor). The outside area has a pool of water with several Cheep-Cheep-like statues in the water (one of which is missing and can be found for a gem), and a spinning wheel that Luigi can get money from. From the deck there is a pathway that leads to a statue of E. Gadd with a propeller backpack. Spinning the propeller will raise up the statue to reveal a secret compartment with treasure or other items. Around the outside area are a few flowers that can be flashed with the Strobulb to get treasures. Near the wheel is a stone pathway that seemingly just leads to a wall, however using the Dark-Light Device will unveil a door that leads to Under the Stairs.