A Pearl from Luigi's Mansion

Pearls (also known as Jewelry Balls) are the treasures that all Portrait Ghosts that are not bosses (excluding the pink and green Clockwork Soldiers and Henry) drop in Luigi's Mansion.


  • A little pearl is worth 50,000G(s) each, half as much as a Gold Bar.
  • A medium pearl is worth 100,000G(s) each, same amount as a Gold Bar
  • A large pearl is worth 1,000,000G(s) each, half as much as a Silver Diamond.

A little pearl is awarded for every 10 HP sucked up within one turn. A medium pearl is awarded if Luigi sucked up 50 HP in one turn, then by sucking up every 10 HP after that. A big pearl is awarded if the green-hatted plumber sucked up 90 HP within one turn. If Luigi collects all the pearls, he should have a total of: 4 small pearls, 4 medium pearls, and 1 big pearl. This should total 1,600,000G(s). Pearls are what determines a ghost's portrait frame when captured. Getting only small pearls from a ghost results in a bronze frame, getting medium and small pearls (or just medium pearls) results in a silver frame, and getting a big pearl results in a gold frame. There are 19 big pearls in the entire mansion. If Luigi collects all 76 small and 76 medium pearls after he collects all 19 Big Pearls, he would earn total 30,400,000G(s) for all pearls collected in the entire mansion.