"These big-headed know-it-alls have swollen brains (and egos) that afford them telekinetic power. Sadly, their sense of humor seems to be underdeveloped."—E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 2

A Poltergeist, as it appears in Luigi's Mansion 2


Artwork of Luigi battling a Poltergeist in the Library

Poltergeists are mini-boss ghosts that appear throughout Luigi's Mansion 2. They are highly intelligent, strategic ghosts who very rarely make themselves visible and fight by hurling objects from a distance. Poltergeists often obtain and protect items important to Luigi's quest.


Poltergeists are orange ghosts with slender bodies ending in a tapering tail. They also possess large, swollen heads with pink orbs that seem to be their brains. They appear to stroke their heads with their hands while performing psychic abilities.


The Poltergeist's strategy involves staying mobile and unseen while attacking their target from a distance Upon being discovered, they will vanish and circle around the player and frequently stopping to pick up and toss an object at them. While lifting an object, they hold it in front of their face to avoid being stunned with the strobulb. While being wrangled, they can use their telekinetic abilities to grab objects out of their reach and dislodge the player with them.


Telekinesis-levitates an object into the air and launches it at the player


Strong Poltergeist

These stronger variations of the original poltergeists were enhanced by crystals found in the hidden mine. They have 5x as much health and more complex attack strategies.

Ancient Poltergeist

An older, blue poltergeist that appears in the old clockworks and impedes Luigi's mission by stealing an important item.

The Brain

The final boss of the ScareScraper. The largest, most powerful variation of the poltergeist.


  • In the Beta of Luigi's Mansion 2, the stairs trap in the Gloomy Manor's Foyer, after Luigi sled down the stairs that became a slide, the ghost that appeared was not a Hider, it was a Poltergeist that did not have a swollen brain in his head as seen in the E3 2011 Trailer, but then it was changed to a Hider later in development of the game.
  • The name Poltergeist comes from reports and urban legends of loud, disruptive ghosts who were known for levitating and throwing objects.