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“Oh... Doggy...”
Mario, speaking to Polterpup in Luigi's Mansion 3.

Polterpup is a white ghost dog that appears in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and makes a return in Luigi's Mansion 3. In story mode, he is notorious for taking special Keys that Luigi needs to progress, hence his role as a mini-boss. Polterpup may also revive Luigi when he loses all of his HP if he happens to have a Gold Bone on him. Polterpup has 50 HP every time Luigi fights him.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Dark Moon Quest

Gloomy Manor

The Polterpup is first shown in level Poltergust 5000 in the Mudroom of the Gloomy Manor. The Polterpup is seen digging up a Gemstone in the Mudroom Exterior. It begins to play with and chew on the gemstone, eventually tossing up into a nearby tree and then flees the scene.

Haunted Towers

The Polterpup is seen at the end of level Pool Party in the Rooftop Pool of Haunted Towers. Just as Luigi gets his hand on the key to the treetop, The Polterpup snatches it from him. Luigi exclaims displeasure with the Polterpups actions, but it merely continues excitedly playing with the key, eventually throwing it out the window and then jumping out as well.

The Polterpup makes its first major appearance in level Doggone Key of the Haunted Towers. Luigi enters the courtyard to find the Polterpup still has the key. The Polterpup once again begins to play with the key and then swallows it whole. Luigi will then chase the Polterpup all over the Haunted Towers, following its spectral paw prints with the help of the Dark-Light Device. In the end, Luigi tracks the Polterpup down in the West Bedroom. Luigi captures the Polterpup and recovers the key. Back in the Bunker, E. Gadd examines the key to find that it is all chewed up and slimey from the Polterpup eating it. Very soon after, The Polterpup escapes the Poltergust 5000, licks E. Gadd and escapes the Bunker.

Old Clockworks

The Polterpup makes its second major appearance in level Play Catch of the Old Clockworks. Luigi is pixelated into Clockworks Court, where 3 Greenies are seen playing catch with the hour hand for the Clock Tower Gate. The Polterpup watching the Greenies, snatches the hour hand from them, eats it and then runs off into clock tower, with the Greenies in pursuit. Luigi chases the Polterpup throughout Old Clockworks. Luigi once again captures the Polterpup and recovers the hour hand. Back in E. Gadd's Bunker, the Polterpup manages to escape once more.

Treacherous Mansion

The Polterpup makes its third appearance in level Front-Door Key of the Treacherous Mansion. Just Luigi is about to open the front door, The Polterpup flies out and snatches the Front-Door Key. Luigi chases the Polterpup throughout the tunnels beneath the Treacherous Mansion. Luigi eventually tracks down and captures the Polterpup in the Dungeon Cells, this time capturing it for real and recovers the Front-Door Key.


The Polterpup appears one last time in the ending cutscene. After the Dark Moon is restored, the Polterpup walks up to Luigi, feeling remorseful for its past actions. Luigi takes Polterpup in and adopts it at the end of the game. Back in Luigi's house, just as Luigi is about to go to sleep, the Polterpup jumps up onto his lap and sleeps with him.

One of the illustrations in the credits shows the five Toads and Polterpup forming a pyramid.


Main article: Polterpup (species)

Polterpups make an appearance in the ScareScraper, in Polterpup and Surprise mode. Polterpups hide in kennels, but once they are revealed, they flee into other rooms. There are normal and big Polterpups, which have 50 and 100 HP respectively, and increases by five after every fifth floor.

These Polterpups also have blue collars instead of red.

Luigi's Mansion 3

The Polterpup reappears in Luigi's Mansion 3, acting as a tutorial character for Luigi early in game. The Polterpup accompanies Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach and the 3 Toads to the The Last Resort. In this game however, The Polterpup is an ally to Luigi, instead of an enemy. The Polterpup helps track down important items for Luigi and also gives Luigi hints on where to go. He also allows Luigi to access certain areas like the stage in 4F - The Great Stage and the top of the Ship in 12F - The Spectral Catch.

Physical description

The Polterpup is a white, ghost pup, wearing a red collar around his neck. The Polterpup lacks ears unlike pups. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the Polterpup has dark gray pupils.

Personality traits

Polterpup behaves like any normal pup. He is playful, kind and extremely loyal to his friends and allies, with his closest ally being his new owner, Luigi. When the Dark Moon was shattered, Polterpup still retained most of his normal traits, just acting quite mischievous. Once it was restored, Polterpup, alongside his fellow ghosts returned to their peaceful states. Polterpup felt remorseful for his actions, but it immediately cheered up when Luigi says, "Come here, doggy!"

During the time of the Dark Moon's absence, Polterpup was the only ghost that Luigi seemed to not fear, merely viewing him as a nuisance, getting sad when he runs off with key objects or say, "Bad doggy!"

In Luigi's Mansion 3, Polterpup still acts a little mischievous, shown when he eats a slice of cake held by Mario. He also proves himself helpful, acting as a tutorial guide for Luigi early on in the game.

Polterpup's undying loyalty shows in this game, as when Luigi was drowning in the water on B2 - Boilerworks, Polterpup managed to save his life. Luigi is also saved two more times, during and after the final battle against King Boo, saving him from being trapped by King Boo's and portrait and even from falling after The Last Resort collapses.

Polterpup also does his best to make new friends, shown with the Polterkitty, but is saddened when he is rejected by her.

Polterpup also helps Luigi, his friends and the ghosts rebuild The Last Resort.

In almost every scene showing Luigi and Polterpup, Luigi loves petting his ghost pup and even hugging him, as well as the two sleeping together.

In Luigi's Mansion 3, Polterpup also has spoken dialogue translated by his "woofs".

Behind the scenes

Creation and development

The design for Polterpup is very similar to Zero, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, both being ghost dogs with a red collar that look like they are covered by a white blanket, and it may have been a source of inspiration to create Polterpup.


The name "Polterpup", is a combination of the words, "Poltergeist", and "pup".

Profiles and statistics

E. Gadd's Vault

"I haven't come up with a name for this mischievous and adorable Polterpup yet. He's caused us a whole mess of trouble, but I think the playful tyke just wants someone to take him in."

Official website

"These playful canines have a strange and voracious appetite. They tend to eat objects you need, running off with them at exactly the wrong moment."


  • When Polterpup passes through a wall, he leaves an imprint behind, similar to Slimer from Ghostbusters and Boos.
  • In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, after the Dark Moon is restored, the ghosts including the Polterpup regain their peaceful composure and have pupils. The Polterpup goes on to live with Luigi in his home and is seemingly still pacified by the Dark Moon, since it still has pupils. However in Luigi's Mansion 3, The Polterpup remains by Luigi's side but no longer has pupils and yet is still friendly and helpful toward Luigi. This may be a simple design change, since the other ghosts in the game also don't gain pupils after breaking King Boo's spell at the end of the game.
  • In Professor E. Gadd's Research Journal, Polterpup almost accidentally caused E. Gadd's death by scaring him while he was studying the Goo, making him drop a stiff version of it in his face that prevented him from breathing.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Professor E. Gadd's Research Journal

Luigi's Mansion 3

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