Robotic Bombs

Two activated Robotic Bombs.

Robotic Bombs are enemies that appear frequently in the Old Clockworks and Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion 2. They are presumably mishap inventions designed by Professor Elvin Gadd, due to the green activation panel on their bodies. After being flashed by the Strobulb, they will activate themselves, extending arms, legs, and a small head, before chasing Luigi until they explode. They can also be found stuck in debris, and when activated, do not chase Luigi, but rather explode items around them such as piles of junk and ice chunks. Before they are activated, they can be sucked up and shot out with the Poltergust 5000.

They can chase Luigi, either by following him throughout the room, until they explode, or they can wait a bit and then charge at Luigi. Robotic Bombs may also appear in a golden form, and it functions the exact same as a normal Robotic Bomb, though it will drop three Gold Bars upon exploding.


  • Their explosion can stun ghosts, much like the Strobulb.
  • When chasing Luigi, they seem to have trouble stopping, as if they were on ice.