Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Six Shy Guy Ghosts; two Flashes
Floor Roof

The Roof (Japanese: 屋上 Rooftop) is an area/room found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion, which is possible to traverse the mansion's roof.


The area is populated by several short pillars. Six Shy Guy Ghosts and two Flashes are located here, but during the blackout there is 1 blue blaze, 8 orange ghosts, and 2 purple/pink ghosts. As lucky as the key to the room called, Armory; the entrance/chimney to the Sealed Room can be found here also. The player can also be teleported here for the final/ultimate battle against the final boss, King Boo in the Bowser suit. Strangely, it is not labeled here on the map and that the edges are red and fiery, even though on the map it is not really a room since it's on the top of the mansion. In King Boo's fight, if Bowser hits a pillar, it gets destroyed but it's still there.