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The Safari Room (Japanese: はく製の部屋 Taxidermy Room) is a room found by Luigi in the third area of Luigi's Mansion, that can be accessed using the Key from the Fortune-Teller's Room.


No ghosts initially appear; instead, Luigi must aim his Poltergust 3000 at each of the mounted deer heads on the north wall, which makes them move up and down and causes a Blue Blaze to appear. After its defeat (using an Ice Element), two more Blue Blazes appear, accompanied by two Garbage Can Ghosts. Once Luigi captures them all, he is rewarded with a Key to the Balcony.

The Safari Room has three animal pelts on the floor (in the beta version of Luigi's Mansion, there are only two pelts, which are on the tables). It also contains two shelves of boxes under the deer heads, as well as an easy chair on the east wall. Besides the easy chair is a chest that always contains a 50-HP restoring Heart for Luigi. There is a piece of cheese that contains a Gold Mouse wedged between the easy chair and the boxes. Using the Game Boy Horror, the player can see a mirror on the south wall that can be used to teleport back to the Foyer.

Ghosts in the Safari Room of the PAL Hidden Mansion[]

The ghosts in this room will attack in waves. Luigi needs to initiate this series of waves by moving the deer heads. Upon doing this, two Blue Blazes will spawn. After Luigi captures these, two more will appear along with two Purple Bombers. After dispatching these, the last wave will consist of three more Blue Blazes along with the help of two Purple Punchers. As Luigi captures these ghosts, an extra Blue Blaze and Purple Puncher will appear. When Luigi sucks all these in, the room will light up and Luigi will earn the key to the Balcony.

This can get pretty hectic, so Luigi may need to lure multiple ghosts towards him, blast them with the ice element, and then quickly stun them with the flashlight before sucking them up. Luigi will be able to suck up multiple ghosts at once, but the player should watch out for the pound attack and punches of any ghosts that escaped him.

Ghosts differences[]

Ghost Normal Mansion Ghost Hidden Mansion PAL and 3DS Ghost Blackout
3 Blue Blazes
2 Garbage Can Ghosts
1 Gold Mouse
8 Blue Blazes
2 Purple Bombers
2 Purple Punchers
1 Gold Mouse
Ghost Mouse (PAL version only)
2 Grabbing Ghosts
2 Gold Ghosts
1 Gold Mouse (another opportunity)
Blue Mouse (Hidden Mansion PAL only)

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はく製の部屋
Hakusei no heya
Taxidermy Room
Spanish La sala de los trofeos de caza (PAL version)
La sala de trofeos de caza (3DS Latin America)
The hunting trophy room



  • The beta version of the safari room featured two tables in the room with a cheetah skin on each.
  • There is a Golden mouse Cheese behind the chair.

Nintendo Power hinting a Portrait ghost for the Safari Room

  • Nintendo Power once speculated about a Portrait Ghost in this room.
    • The ghost that was thought to be going into this room was speculated to be a hunter who wanted to turn Luigi into a hunting trophy.
    • This was later confirmed to be false, as the Nintendo Power issue that stated this was released one month after the game was released in Japan. It was confirmed to be an inside-like joke.
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