"This Possessor turned into a huge icy monster and tried to escape with the Dark Moon piece by tunneling down though the Secret Mine. I thought Luigi was a goner for sure!" E. Gadd's Ghost Container, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


Luigi while being scared by the Shrewd Possessor

The Shrewd Possessor is the fourth Possessor that Luigi takes on in his journey. He is fought in mission "B-Boss: Chilly Ride".


Like all the other Possessors, the Shrewd Possessor appears as a white ghost with horns coming from its head. The only difference is the number of horns, as this Possessor has two horns, with one more horn coming out of each.

The Battle

When Luigi enters the Workshop, the Possessor will scare Luigi as he turns around from closing the door. He will then possess a lake of ice, turning it into a giant ice monster, and proceed to burrow himself underground to escape. As Luigi looks down the hole the monster made, a barrel knocks the legs off a table, and a bomb launcher trips Luigi into it, thus starting the fight. In the first phase of the fight, the Possessor will have eight chunks of ice shielding his host from Luigi's bombs. Luigi must destroy these chunks and then fire a bomb into the monster's gaping mouth. Each time a chunk is taken out, the monster will dig itself farther down, so timing and patience is required. Instead of health during the bomb launcher segment, the bomb launcher has a health meter of its own on the right. Firing a bomb into the monster's mouth will knock the Possessor out of the ice, and into the Frozen Pit, along with Luigi. The Possessor will then charge at Luigi three times, however he will create portals to go through, and the icy floor does not help. After stunning and taking a layer of his ghastly skin, he will posses the ice again. Phase 2 will have one more chunk, than the last phase, and phase 3 has a total of ten chunks. If Luigi takes too long to destroy the chunks, the monster will renew the sheet of ice, making Luigi have to destroy it again, and if Luigi misses shooting a bomb into the monster's mouth, it will come up to Luigi and damage his bomb launcher.