Sir Weston
Sir Weston
Full Name Sir Weston, the Chilly Climber
Age 30
Biography This strange fellow's icy abode may be the reason he hasn't warmed up to being a ghost.
Room Cold Storage
Life 100

“HOT! OH VERY HOT! You! You're making it too HOT!”
Sir Weston, Luigi's Mansion

Sir Weston, the Chilly Climber (Japanese: アルプ Arupu), is a cryokinetic arctic explorer ghost that loves the cold. He is a Portrait Ghost encountered during the events of Luigi's Mansion.

In fact, he loves freezing temperatures so much, he resides in Cold Storage in Luigi's Mansion. Apparently, Sir Weston has not "warmed up" to the idea of being a ghost and keeps himself trapped in his ice sanctuary. Despite being in the Cold Storage room, Sir Weston has even encased himself in a near impenetrable block of ice. As such, Luigi had to figure out a way to melt the ice to capture this portrait ghost.

Fortunately for Luigi, two campfires were laying right next to Sir Weston and his ice block. Even more fortunately, a torch in the center of the room constantly spewed out Fire Elemental Ghosts. After absorbing a flame ghost in his Poltergust 3000, Luigi could light the logs on fire. The fires would generate heat, and Sir Weston would break out of his icy confinement and soon become enraged. Despising the heat and its source, the arctic explorer attacked Luigi with wave after wave of icicle blasts. Simultaneously, icicle stalactites would fall from the ceiling, causing twenty Hit Points worth of damage if they hit Luigi . Despite being trapped in a block of ice, Sir Weston attacked without end.

To capture Sir Weston, Luigi had to melt the portrait ghost's ice block with the Poltergust's fire-producing capabilities. After melting the ice sanctuary, Sir Weston was ready for capture. Although the arctic ghost only had a medium pull, Luigi had a hard time capturing this portrait ghost. This was because the floor of the Cold Storage room was covered in ice, giving Luigi almost no traction. As such, Sir Weston was one of the hardest portrait ghosts to capture in the entire mansion. However, after much effort, Luigi eventually captured the arctic explorer and acquired the key to the Artist's Studio, the lair of Vincent Van Gore and his army of ghosts.


  • Sir Weston is the only Portrait Ghost in the basement. (Exluding King Boo)


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
GermanHerr AlpenträumerAlpen means Alps and Träumer

means dreamer