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Area Gloomy Manor
Normal Ghosts Hider
Boo Boo Boo
The Studio is a room in the Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion 2. At first, it has a pile of debris preventing Luigi from entering, but when he is able to clean it up he can access it any time. It is through the top-most door in the Common Hall, and can be accessed by going down the fireplace in the Study.


The floorboards are coming apart, and the wallpaper is coming off the wall. There is canvas with art supplies around it in the center of the room that depicts a Hider with a mustache. There are two paintings that have been taken down from the wall. There are also some vases around the room. The camera to the left of the room can be seen into to reveal a Gemstone from looking in the mirror. The real location of the gem is outside the window in the corner of the room. The last thing is a fireplace, which is the "entrance" from the Study into the Studio.