The Floating Whirlindas
The Floating Whirlindas appearence
Full Name The Floating Whirlindas, the Dancing Couple
Age Unknown
Biography Once the local waltz champions, they can no longer compete since their feet don't touch the floor.
Room Ball Room
Life 100

The Floating Whirlindas, the Dancing Couple (Japanese: ダルッテンふさい Darutten Man and Wife) are two of the Portrait Ghosts who escaped imprisonment in Luigi's Mansion.

According to the Game Boy Horror, the Floating Whirlindas used to be the local waltz champions, but unfortunately they aren't allowed to compete anymore because their feet can't touch the ground. The Whirlinda couple were found in the Ball Room on the first floor's east wing of the mansion. They appeared after Luigi defeats the six Shy Guy Ghosts in the room, making the dancing floor spin as they waltzed. Luigi had to face away from them and wait until the gentleman exclaimed "Ahhh!" Both would then do a dance pose, making them vulnerable. Additionally, Luigi had to stand on the spinning tiles too, or the couple won't even appear when Luigi wasn't pointing at them. After some medium tugs, Luigi earned the key to the Storage Room.




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Darutten Man and Wife
SpanishLos Flórez, La pareja de baileFlórez is a typical Spanish surname
FrenchLes Bellini Volants, Le Couple de DanseursThe Flying Bellini, The Dancers Couple. The Bellini Brothers, or just Bellini, is a German dance duo better known as Paffendorf.
GermanDie schwebenden TurteltaubenThe floating lovebirds
ItalianI Coniugi Piroetti, la coppia danzanteI Coniugi Piroetti, the dancing couple. "Piroetti" is a reference from the "Piroetta" (Pirouette), a dance step.


  • Unlike Henry and Orville and The Clockwork Soldiers, the Whirlinda couple are both caught at once, rather than being fought separately. They are also the first Portrait ghosts that consist of more than one ghost.
  • Their name may be a reference to the Flying Wallendas, a circus group.
  • The female may have dwarfism, a condition where someone is born with shorter than average legs and arms. Her arms appear to be short.
  • Sometimes if you flash the male Whirlinda, walk away, and Quickly come back, he will be T-Posing.