The Waiters are servant ghosts first found and appear in the Dining Room of Luigi's Mansion. They are somewhat skinny white ghosts that can carry a plate of food in each hand.


180px-LM DiningRoom

A servant ghost serving Mr. Luggs

Luigi runs into two Waiters in the Dining Room as they are serving Mr. Luggs. In order to capture Mr. Luggs, Luigi must provoke the gluttonous ghost into attacking by cutting off his food supply. To do so, Luigi must capture the Waiters to stop them from delivering food, or alternatively just keep forcing them to leave before they feed Mr. Luggs via stunning them and then leaving them be, and repeat until Mr. Luggs has run out of food (with a little help, of course). If the latter occurs, the waiters spawn one last time, give Mr. Luggs food, but are not successful in curving his rage and flee from the scene, never to return again. These ghosts are easy to defeat, as they possess no attacks and only have ten HP.