Wardrobe Room
Area Area One
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghosts; Garbage Can Ghosts; Speedy Spirit
Boo GameBoo Advance

The Wardrobe Room (Japanese: クローゼット Closet) is one of many rooms found by Luigi in the first area of Luigi's Mansion.


After clearing the Anteroom of ghouls, Luigi entered the Wardrobe Room. Looking around, he did not see anything suspicious. Suddenly, he was attacked by several Gold Ghosts which he dispatched easily. It was then that trouble arrived in the form of a large green wraith littering the floor with Banana peels trying to trip Luigi up. There was one loophole in the Garbage Can Ghost's plan; Luigi could suck up the banana peels with his Poltergust 3000. The green hatted ghost hunter counterattacked and after some effort, managed to suck up the ghost. Luigi realized something was wrong when the lights of the room did not turn on like they usually did. Thinking there may be a hidden ghost Luigi investigated one of the wardrobes. His assumption was correct, as a Gold Ghost was hidden inside; it attempted to uppercut our hero, but was stunned by Luigi's flashlight and got sucked up. When it was safely bagged, the lights turned on.

A Key suddenly appeared on a nearby shelf. It allowed Luigi access to the Study.

During the blackout, Luigi (after a lot of searching) found the ghost Uncle Grimmly in the Wardrobe Room. It seems Grimmly had taken the key to the Breaker Room and Luigi needed that key to get in the room and restart the power. Attacking Grimmly who feebly tried to scare Luigi, the plumber, after minimal effort, managed to suck up the lonely phantasm and gain the Breaker Room key.

The Wardrobe Room is small and, as its name implies, has three wardrobes in it. It also has a shoe rack, a hat rack, a chandalier, and a mirror. There is also a Speedy Spirit hidden in the rightmost wardrobe, capturing it yields gold bars, x amount of coins, and x amount of bills.

Ghosts in The Wardrobe Room

Ghosts in The Wardrobe Room in the PAL Hidden Mansion

Ghosts in The Wardrobe Room during the blackout

  • Uncle Grimmly (100 Life)
  • One Speedy Spirit (10 Life) (Will only appear if not found before the blackout)